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Happy Eid Adha Everyone 2021

Happy Eid 2021

Eid Al Adha will be on the evening of 19th of July, 2021. Eid Prayer will be 30 minutes after sunrise of 20th of July. Please check this calendar for information about Eid prayer in your location.

El Kanaba wishes you  and everyone around the world a blessed and happy Eid holiday. Usually during Eid, family and friends gathering is a norm, however due to the pandemic of COVID-19 we encourage you to keep it to the minimum while practicing the maximum social distancing possible.

We invite you to celebrate Adha Eid in our Egypt Chat room at El Kanaba Chat service. We have implemented interesting instant messaging features like voice and video chat, sharing photos and videos from your personal gallery or mobile camera to share the moment with all your beloved ones all over the world.

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Happy Eid.. with El Kanaba 🙂